Searching for Jobs in Writing? Real Writing Jobs Review

Many of us are looking for opportunities to make some money online, and the biggest challenge always would be to separate the few causes of value from the many scams promising endless cash with only the click of your mouse (as well as your credit card number)!

If you’re planning on making an income online out of your writing talents, then there are undoubtedly many legitimate opportunities. Is Real Writing Jobs one of them? Maybe so, but the one essential ingredient necessary before reading any more is that you prefer to write!

OK, so you prefer to write, then allow me to evaluate the basic aspects of the membership of Real Writing Jobs, and then you can decide if they fit with where you’re at at this time.

The price of membership is not terribly expensive, and can be further reduced having a special deal should you attempt to close the sales page prior to signing up.

In the member’s area, there are a number of resources, but let’s start with the step-by-step tutorial. This takes you through 7 steps to get you started, starting with an article writing guide. The guides are very basic, but the instruction on getting started with your own website is pretty good. It’s not comprehensive for newcomers, but any specifics you are unsure about can easily be bought on YouTube.

The free bonuses “worth $3,780” are certainly just a little inflated in value, but still pretty useful. There’s a neat tool to enhance your typing skills which I struggled with, with my simple two fingered typing! But if you are going to have money from writing online, good typing speed will be a real asset.

Then there are videos and PDF guides on making money on eBay, making money with Google, internet affiliate marketing with Amazon, earning money on Twitter, professional blogging, and generating cash by flipping domains.

Some of these really are a bit peripheral to creating money from writing online, however i guess are interesting in themselves for anyone thinking about internet marketing.

The meat of the system is the task opportunities, right? This, to become fair, is a nice good resource, specially the Writing Jobs Database, Premium Writing Jobs, and Full/Part Time Jobs.

The Writing Jobs Database during the time of writing had about 800 mainly writing opportunities sucked from a number of sources. The money on offer for that simpler writing projects is pretty low, but when you’re new to writing for the money, I guess you need to start at the end and work your way up. This database is updated daily with new opportunities.

The Premium Writing Jobs Database had about 100 opportunities, and these were more in the technical writing, editing, and blog writing area. Within the Full/Part Time Jobs section, there have been over 14,000 opportunities during the time of writing. However, a large number of opportunities both in these sections were not home based.

The big tolerant of this site is the fact that it’s currently advertising almost 15,000 writing opportunities in one location, so if you feel a new comer to writing on the web, this can be a great starting point. Time it might consume tracking these opportunities down by other means could be considerable.